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 DateLeader Event 

 Dec 7, 2017 June & JoXmas dinner dance, Orsett Hall 
 Dec 15, 2017 KarenXmas hat run and fry up 9.10am
 Dec 19, 2017Sarah Xmas hat run and drinks 7.15pm 
 Jan 31, 2018Karen Coffee and cake run, Thames Chase 9.10am 
Feb 4, 2018Claire Nissen London Winter Run 10k 
March 18, 2018

March 25, 2018
 Brentwood Half Marathon and fun run

London Landmarks Half Marathon

April 15, 2018  Brighton Marathon
April 22, 2018  London Marathon
June 2, 2018 Blenheim Triathlon
June 16, 2018 5k Inflatable Chelmsford
 July 14, 2018Toni & Karen Spitfire Scramble 24 hour relay 
Sept 28-30, 2018 June7th Upjoggers on Tour, New Forest